NUTRICOM consultancy

A reliable partner that helps governments, science foundations, academic research centres and the food industry improve their scientific nutrition communication, innovation and strategy.


NUTRICOM Consultancy was established in 2008. Its senior consultant, Dr. Theo Ockhuizen (1948),  has been working in various managerial capacities in Food and Nutrition research for more than 30 years.

In 2006 Theo Ockhuizen has been recognized as nutritionist by the Dutch Academy of Nutrition Sciences.

In 2017 NUTRICOM Consultancy became a member of the Nutrition Consultants Cooperative.

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Through assisting key players in government, science foundations, academic research centres and the food industry, NUTRICOM Consultancy aims at contributing to increased individual and public health.

Goals & Values

  • Integrity
  • Forward Thinking
  • Reliability
  • Performance
  • Customer Focus

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NUTRICOM Consultancy is participating in exploring new concepts in nutrition research.

NUTRICOM Consultancy is, for instance, participating in:

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The science component of the consulting activities of NUTRICOM Consultancy is reflected in a number of scientific publications (some of them in Dutch).


Let NUTRICOM Consultancy assist you in defining and implementing a science-based communication strategy.

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Recognizing the need to innovate is not the same as knowing how to do this effectively. Select NUTRICOM Consultancy as your scientific partner in the innovation process.

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Based on its 30 years of experience in the Food and Nutrition domain NUTRICOM Consultancy is eminently capable of advising industry and non-profit organisations in constructing their science-based strategy.

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