Carbohydrate Congress

September 28, 2017, Utrecht

On September 28, 2017 a full day Carbohydrate Congress was held in Utrecht with over 300 participants, mainly dieticians. There were 7 lectures by well-known scientists from the Dutch academia and a plenary panel discussion at the end of the day. The congress which was organized by Kenniscentrum suiker & voeding (Knowledge centre sugar & nutrition) in collaboration with the science journal Voeding Nu, the Nederlandse Diëtistencoöperatie (DCN) and the Nederlandse Vereniging van Diëtisten (NVD).

NUTRICOM Consultancy was engaged in the development of the program and as a moderator of the panel discussion. The main take-home messages of the congress were:

  • The consumption of carbohydrates and sugar has been stable during the last decades.
  • Losing a few kilos of weight has a significant beneficial metabolic effect and a reduction of the known risk factors associated with overweight.
  • Daily physical activity, even at a normal level, is important to regulate blood glucose levels in type II diabetes.
  • Reduction in the intake of carbohydrates, under supervision of a dietician, may have a beneficial effect on diabetes.

  Dutch magazine of the congress (PDF)