Code of Conduct

1. Definitions

  • 1.1.  NUTRICOM Consultancy is a natural person who renders advice services in the relation to the ‘client’.
  • 1.2.  The ‘client’ is the natural person or legal entity with whom the assignment agreement was signed by the consultant.
  • 1.3.   The ‘contract’ is an agreement between the client and NUTRICOM Consultancy which the nature, scope and intended outcome of the work describes.

2. Integrity

  • 2.1.  Integrity is a core value for NUTRICOM Consultancy and it is held to act with integrity by complying with written and unwritten norms and values.
  • 2.2.  Nutricom Consultancy ensures a relational independence, both tangible and intangible. Openness and transparency are necessary to clarify the relational independence.

3. Expertise and equality of service

  • 3.1.  NUTRICOM Consultancy will use its expertise and working capacity as good and effective as possible for the execution of the contract.
  • 3.2.  NUTRICOM Consultancy accepts a contract only on basis of available expertise and capacity.
  • 3.3.  NUTRICOM Consultancy will take care that client’s opinion, based on NUTRICOM Consultancy’s reports and/or opinions, is justified by the advice and findings.
  • 3.4.  NUTRICOM Consultancy guarantees that missing expertise and/or capacity will be hired -if necessary – from qualified colleagues and will inform the client  on this collaboration.

4. Assignment acceptance and implementation

  • 4.1.  NUTRICOM Consultancy will carry out the agreed activities with integrity and in the interests of the client.
  • 4.2.  Before accepting an assignment, the client will inform NUTRICOM Consultancy about its expectations, context and mandate of the client. NUTRICOM Consultancy will not accept assignments from which the client will not benefit.
  • 4.3.  NUTRICOM Consultancy is committed to the best ability in achieving the desired outcome (commitment).
  • 4.4.  NUTRICOM Consultancy, will inform each client periodically on the progress in the execution of the contract.
  • 4.5.  If during the execution of the contract facts of circumstances arise which require modification of the agreement, NUTRICOM Consultancy will consult with the client. Agreed changes will be noted.
  • 4.6.  NUTRICOM Consultancy will suspend the execution of a contract or terminate it if, owing to external circumstances (force majeure) a good assignment is prevented, or if there is an insoluble difference of opinion with the client on how the contract should be performed.
  • 4.7.  After finishing a contract Nutricom Consultancy will request client for a written or oral evaluation of its performance.
  • 4.8.  NUTRICOM Consultancy will not accept a contract, involving an independent and impartial advice contrary to previous commitments.
  • 4.9.  NUTRICOM Consultancy is reluctant in its judgment of people.

5. Care, confidentiality and intellectual property

  • 5.1.  NUTRICOM Consultancy maintains secrecy regarding information and knowledge given to NUTRICOM Consultancy under the contract.
  • 5.2.  In general, information of a confidential nature will only be used in the client’s interest or if law and regulatory obligations require to do so.
  • 5.3.  The information NUTRICOM Consultancy receives from the client, is confidential and can only be announced after express consent of the contracting party.
  • 5.4.  Results in any form and based on data from the client, are the property of the client.
  • 5.5.  Results based solely on prior own knowledge and research that was conducted independently of the client, remain the property of NUTRICOM Consultancy.

6. Remuneration

  • 6.1.  In determining the remuneration the following considerations are taken into account:
    •            The usual fee for similar work (market conform remuneration).The fee should be in accordance with the services and the accepted responsibilities.
    •            The time and effort that are required to achieve the agreed objectives.
    •            The difficulty and complexity of the work and the required experience and/or specialist knowledge.
    •            The fee is composed of labour (hours times rate) and (reasonable and agreed) costs.
  • 7. Participation in NCC

    • 7.1.  In case NUTRCOM Consultancy is participating in one of the NCC projects the conditions of the NCC will be applied for that project.