The abundance of nutrition and health information may be a significant obstacle for product development.  We convert the mounds of  information to sensible and applicable summaries. In this way you will spend less time explaining your information needs and more time using the  reports to fuel your projects. Select NUTRICOM Consultancy to disclose existing published outcomes and prepare ahead of time science-based reports for marketing, promotional activities and a communication strategy. 


Nutricom Consultancy has been instrumental in the organisation of successful international Round Table Discussions. During these  meetings eperts discussed communication strategies on the health benefits for the Yakult fermented milk products. The results were published in peer-reviewed journals.

For more details see the publication list.

NUTRICOM Consultancy has a longstanding relationship with the Knowledge centre sugar & nutrition (in Dutch: Kenniscentrum suiker & voeding).

  • NUTRICOM Consultancy was involved in organizing five expert meetings on cutting edge nutritional issues. For more details see the publication list.
    The 6th Round Table Discussion is due to take place in the fall of 2021. The theme will be “Nutrition and the Brain”.
  • NUTRICOM Consultancy took part in a  public debate on “Sugars and Health” in the political arena of The Hague.  Download the results of this public debate (PDF) 
  • NUTRICOM Consultancy was engaged in the organizing a full day Carbohydrate Congress with over 300 participants.  The main take-home messages were:
    • The consumption of carbohydrates and sugar has been stable during the last decades.
    • Losing a few kilos of weight has a significant beneficial metabolic effect and a reduction of the known risk factors associated with overweight.
    • Daily physical activity, even at a normal level, is important to regulate blood glucose levels in Type  2 diabetes.

  About the 2017 Carbohydrate Congress