Nutrition Consultants Cooperative

The Nine Partners of the Nutrition Consultants Cooperative

Dr. Ir. Michiel Löwik, Dr. Sandra Einerhand, Dr. Ir. Loek Pijls,  Dr. Ir. Machteld van Lieshout, Ir. Thomas Plakké, Dr. Theo Ockhuizen, Dr. Ir. Jan de Vries, Dr. Henk Hendriks, Dr. Hans Zevenbergen.

Features of the Nutrition Consultants Cooperative

Multi-disciplinary and convenient

  • NCC will be your portal for all your nutritional challenges
  • NCC members have a broad range of expertise
  • The team covers the whole innovation process

Experienced with proven track records

  • NCC partners have an extensive science network in the EU and world wide
  • NCC consultants have a long standing history in multi-stakeholder research projects
  • NCC scientists have been involved in cross country (EU) projects

Cost effective and flexible

  • Competitive pricing due to absence of overhead cost and bench fees
  • NCC members are flexible in our way of working

What do we do?

  • Look at trends, markets, clients
  • Differentiate trends from hypes and facts from opinions
  • Keep an eye on latest scientific developments
  • Follow national and EU regulations and legislation
  • Address challenges
  • Deliver effective advice and guidance

Specific advice and support

  • Expert opinion and presentations
  • Research proposals and multi-disciplinary studies
  • Product development and reformulation of recipes
  • Responsible food concepts, but delicious!
  • Effective marketing and communication plans
  • Sales support

Research and Presentations

  • Literature studies and smaller research projects
    (when needed in collaboration with others)
  • Expert opinions about nutritional issues
  • Presentations on international conferences

Intervention trials

  • Execution and guidance of trials ‘start to finish’,
    including coordination of laboratory work by certified CRO’s
  • Set up and/or review of study design
    for example assessment of group size, randomisation
  • Submission of request for approval of Medical Ethical Commission
  • Statistical analysis
    for example for claims approval submission

Innovative strategies

  • Strategy development for introduction and marketing of products with a health or nutrition claim
  • R & D projects and (re)formulation of recipes and products
  • Development of innovative responsible food concepts

Claims and Campaigns

  • Insight in regulations around food and health claims
    (like EFSA art. 13 and 14 claims)
  • Development and guidance of PR and promotional campaigns
Synergy in the Nutrition Consultants Cooperative leads to new possibilities: ‘smart and responsible solutions for your nutritional challenges’