Our Expertise

NUTRICOM Consultancy was established in 2008. Its senior consultant, Dr. Theo Ockhuizen, has been working in various managerial capacities in Food and Nutrition research for more than 30 years.

Biography Dr. Theo Ockhuizen

2017 – Present

Nutrition Consultants Cooperative

In January 2017 nine nutritionists started an intensive way of collaboration by establishing the Nutrition Consultants Cooperative (NCC). Theo Ockhuizen became their first chairman. Currently there are eight partners participating in the NCC.

2008 – Present

NUTRICOM Consultancy

In 2008 Theo Ockhuizen started as an independent consultant by establishing NUTRICOM Consultancy.


Dutch Academy of Nutrition Sciences.

In 2006 Theo Ockhuizen has been recognized as nutritionist by the Dutch Academy of Nutrition Sciences NAV).

2000 – 2008

Dutch Foundation for Dairy, Nutrition and Health and the Dutch Dairy Association

In 2000 Theo Ockhuizen was appointed as Director of the Dutch Foundation for Dairy, Nutrition and Health. In 2003 this organization integrated in the Dutch Dairy Association (NZO). Theo Ockhuizen hold responsibilities in the areas of dairy sciences and communication. He was active on a national and international level by chairing several committees on nutrition and health.

1993 – 2000

Hercules Inc., Hercules European Research Center

In 1993 Dr. Ockhuizen became Director Corporate Research for Hercules Inc, a US-based multinational producer of fine chemicals. He provided leadership to the development of functional food ingredients and medical devices. In 1995 he was appointed as Director of the “Hercules European Research Center” in Barneveld with global responsibilities.

1984 – 1993

TNO Nutricion & Food Research

In 1984 Theo Ockhuizen joined TNO Nutrition and Food Research to become head of the Department of Nutrition. He held responsibilities for the applied nutrition research in the areas of physiology, policy studies and epidemiology.

1980 – 1981

Medical University of South Carolina

Theo Ockhuizen enjoyed a full year of sabbatical leave at the at the Medical University of South Carolina (USA). At the Department of Basic and Clinical Immunology he did immunogenetic research.


University of Groningen, academic thesis

In 1979 Theo Ockhuizen defended his PhD thesis entitled: “Genetic aspects of monoclonal gammopathy”.

1972 – 1984

University of Groningen, Department of Internal Medicine, Laboratory of Immunochemistry

Dr. Ockhuizen continued his academic career from 1972 till 1984 at the Department of Internal Medicine (University Hospital Groningen, The Netherlands). His research dealt with biochemical and genetic aspects of antibody production.

1966 – 1972

University of Utrecht, MSc. Biology

Theo Ockhuizen studied biology at the University of Utrecht (The Netherlands). He majored in physiological chemistry and immunology.